Impact Circle

Program Overview

The Impact Circle is comprised of a select group of accomplished and emerging leaders who are committed to their own professional growth and contribute their time and talent over the course of their careers to the development of others.  Membership includes a series of program offerings that is ideally suited to meet the unique needs and constraints of women leaders in this stage of their career.  The overarching goal of the Impact Circle is to provide women with continuous platform to sustain their professional growth and a community of support to succeed as a leader. 

The Impact Circle also serves as a high-level advisory committee of talented women leaders who provide advice and support for the Women’s Leadership Institute with an eye toward the future, while acting as goodwill ambassadors.

Who Should Apply

Impact Circle membership represents a broad range of premier organizations and a talented diverse group of emerging and accomplished women who are committed to growing professionally and helping each other succeed

Select membership whose roster includes government officials, business leaders, acclaimed journalists, prominent lawyers, and distinguished nonprofit professionals.

Program Offerings

Impact Circle events are ideally suited to meet the unique needs and constraints of women leaders.

Leadership Forums, expert panels and roundtable discussions provide members unique opportunities to engage with and gain insight from experts and peers. Members have in-person access to world leaders, senior government officials, members of Congress, and prominent thinkers and practitioners in academia, policy, and business, many of whom are members themselves.

Annual membership fees include the following benefits.

Semi-Annual Leadership Forums that are comprised of:

  • Trends, insights, development
  • Professional/social development

Access to

  • Executive Coaching
  • Self-assessments
  • Retreats

For more information on joining the Impact Circle, please contact John Hart at (202) 783-8270 or